What is Life Loyal? Life Loyal is a way to give back to Kappa Alpha Theta. It is a relatively new program designed for Theta women who are dedicated to making a future commitment that will create long-term success for the organization and invest in the collegians. Some of the reasons this program was developed include the fact that the bulk of our Fraternity’s alumnae programs and resources are funded by collegiate dues and 93% of the readers of The Magazine of Kappa Alpha Theta are alumnae – and unbelievably 100% of the magazine cost is shouldered by the collegians.

It has been decided that the collegians should no longer be expected to carry the full burden of financially supporting the Fraternity. By creating an endowment for our magazine, the college dues will now go toward supporting programs which more directly affect the collegians – programs that are important and critical in continuing our prominence on college campuses.

Due to the continuing rising costs of printing and mailing the magazine, it will be phased out over the next few years, in its current format. However, those that become Life Loyal members will continue to receive the magazine numerous times per year. Plus, Life Loyal members become eligible for reduced annual dues.

The Life Loyal program establishes a strategic endowment that will greatly enhance The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine experience. This endowment will allow our financial resources to be invested in offering services for our members that will continue to foster Theta sisterhood.

Please give this endeavor some consideration. Life Loyal is a way to invest in yourself, the collegians and the Fraternity.


One of the greatest benefits of being a Theta is developing bonds of friendship that supersede all social, cultural, geographical, and age barriers. No matter where a Theta goes or what she does, she’s likely to encounter other Thetas. And when she does, there’s an instant connection! Theta for a lifetime means a lifetime of sisterhood. It means dozens of lasting friendships and hundreds of opportunities for members to benefit themselves, college chapters, and their communities. Whether an alumna is looking her for her first job in her field or is reentering the job market after completing graduate school or starting a family, whether she is moving to a new location, changing careers, staying home with children, working part time or full time, or becoming actively involved in the community, Theta is the link that brings new friendships, new opportunities, and new rewards.

For more information or to become a Life Loyal member of Kappa Alpha Theta, please visit thetalifeloyal.org.

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